Pazly is meant for all level of expertise in website building. Ideally you will not use any kind of code, or any kind of extra IT knowledge to achieve basic results: one webpage that contains all information you want to present online.

Good to know: You always own what you build with Pazly. This is the main reason Pazly is only offering to save your webpages on your computer and allows you to open Pazly made webpages from your computer. Pazly is not a platform, it is a website building tool.

There are many website builders out there, Pazly is unique in certain ways. Many other website builders are trying to offer an 'all you need' platform which include all features you might want, need, or did not even know exist. Pazly is built with a different view:

Empowers the user first - targeting consumer and product use cases

No platform lock-in. It's better to offer many connectivity options than built in solutions

You own what you build

Decentralized website building

Think of it this way: Most website builders collect your information: text, images, layout and color choices and send then to a 'central kitchen' where your website is assembled. Pazly works the opposite: it meets you in your browser window. Instead of collecting your information, it keeps it temporarily in your browser (no network transfer). When you edit a text, or image, Pazly brings you the corresponding editor, so all changes are done on your browser, much like a 'catering service at your home'. This is why you always save your website on your computer.

Good to know: The information you add to your websites is considered public, due to the nature of the website. However, Pazly does not store any information you add to your website during building time. It is highly recommended to save your website on your computer as often as possible during building time.

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