On Blockchain

Using the core concept definitions, we will identify what is a domain and what type of hosting we need to publish a Pazly website on blockchain


If you have to choose a domain for your website that better make it an Unstoppable Domain. Pazly affiliated with them not so long ago. Here's our affiliate link where you can purchase you blockchain domain https://unstoppabledomains.com/?ref=911ecdbda5f246e

Blockchain domains act as regular domains with the added functionality that they can be used in crypto currency transactions, much like Paypal with email. So having an Unstoppable Domain makes your website able to receive payments. Pretty handy for a freelancer, artist, or NFT collector.


Hosting on blockchain is not so straightforward. Since blockchain is peer-to-peer network, there is no server that can host your website files permanently. Instead, your website visitors (aka your peers) will carry your website content securely and make it available throughout the blockchain network. IPFS is the technology we will use for this. It is able to create gateways that contain your website content and its ownership securely and with full privacy. So, your website basically uses the same technology that NFTs use. Piniata is the best service for this. They are the like Dropbox, but running on IPFS. As soon as you put some content in your Pinata space, this will be marked with you ownership and distributed to gateways along the IPFS network, making it available to everyone.

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